If you want to renovate your home to make it stand among other houses in the new year 2019, you need to follow some tips and tricks. Here are some tips given below to do home renovations in this new year.

Go slow in the design stage
Planning your project may well take longer than executing it, but it is worth taking your time to get it right. Design every detail up front and build to detailed plans. Don’t design on the fly with builders on site. What seem like small changes can have a serious knock-on effect if not planned properly at the start.

Find a great builder
This will make your life so much easier. Ask friends for recommendations and take references. Take the time to go and see some of their previous projects. It is also very important to see their work beforehand so that you understand the finish you will be paying for. If you are particular about the final finishes being perfect, then you need to ensure your contractor can produce this.

Call in the professionals
What with builders, architects, party wall surveyors and building control costs, professional fees will add a big chunk to your outlay. But unless you really understand the process, don’t skimp on experts if you are doing a big project. If you are undertaking a large project, especially one running well into six figures, a quantity surveyor is worth his or her weight in gold. They can drill down on the numbers to a level of detail that a builder won’t and this can really help you get your budgeting right and your costs low.

Don’t forget the small stuff
When you are working out how much the whole thing costs, include every little thing. It might sound overly estimated, but it is astonishing how much door handles, light switches, towel rails and bookshelves can add to costs. Don’t forget to add VAT. Most quotes from builders and suppliers come in excluding VAT. It sounds obvious but it adds 20 per cent to your project costs, so make sure you include it in your sums.

Supply and demand
Shop around when buying materials for your project. I tend to try to use suppliers who are as far out of London as possible.

Prepare for emergencies
Things can, and inevitably will, go wrong, and that means that costs are going to rise. You must, must, must have some money tucked away to cover unexpected extra costs or you could end up with a half-built home. A minimum of five per cent of the total build cost, and ideally around 10 per cent.

A fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference in a room, especially on the trim. We tend to overlook areas in our own homes such as baseboard and casing. And while you might not want to spend your precious vacation days painting, the holidays are a great time to tackle this type of chore.

Plants, cut branches or a bowl of collected stones adds comfort and warmth to a space. The organic shapes of nature add a touch of authenticity to a space. Not only are these natural elements appealing to the eye, certain houseplants, like rubber plants, palm trees and Boston ferns, can help improve the air quality in your home.

Home decoration is a challenging task to pull off, as there is a thin line between overdoing it and doing it just the way it should be. So we need to keep in mind the tips and tricks of it that are stated above.